What do we guarantee for brands?

Brand safety

When using BalticAdx you don’t have to worry about brand safety, we ensure transparency about websites and ad placements where the ad impression is served. 



With BalticAdx we can reach up to 73,94% of all Latvian internet users. 

Data targeting

We offer wide rage audience interest segments, which are collected from publishers in real time. 

BalticAdx empowers the shift from online media planning to audience buying.

Our data segmentation assures to reach the specified target audience.
BalticAdx is about quality, not quantity.

Our approach

We segment data based on readers behaviour on each of our publishers. It allows us to combine different audiences and create audience segments.

We offer

Audience segment targeting opportunities
Guaranteed ad placements in guaranteed websites
Wide rage of user targeting resources
Retargeting solutions
Other strategic solutions

BalticAdx publishers, segments and ad placements







How to start using BalticAdx?

Managed Campaigns

By choosing this model of cooperation our team takes up all the campaign set up and optimisation process in our DSP platform - AppNexus. This way, we control and optimise the campaign based on the results - on our side. 




- We manage the platform well and know what segments will work well with what products. 

- Guaranteed the reach of a specific target audience

'PMP' deals


BalticAdx inventory is accessible through a DSP platform with PMP deals. By using this model of cooperation all optimisation is managed by client/agency. 




- BalticAdx can’t help with campaign optimisation - all processes are managed by the client.

- ‘Managed campaigns’ are prioritised, we do not guarantee the full delivery of needed impressions.

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