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Balticadx combines top local publishers in one, unified platform to trade display advertising in a programmatic way. 

We help each advertiser to find and create a target audience suitable for their product or service. BalticAdx audience segments are compiled from publishers data in real time. We segment the data gathered from publishers and create audience segments based on readers interests. 


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The company we keep


What do our clients say?


Liana Conley, Head of Advertising @

"We have successfully tapped into programmatic budgets. Thanks to BalticAdx platform, we are able to reach both local and international advertisers at once, without contacting them about every campaign individually. This model makes programmatic eCPMs similar to direct sales prices. "

Ilja Olijevskis, Head of Digital @ Mediacom

"As programmatic is becoming more important in our region, we have been looking for a partner who could give us access to inventory with premium positions on local publishers. After going through various testing phases, we are very pleased with the results that BalticAdx has delivered. Not only we have gained access to high quality inventory source, but also a great partner who supports us through every touch point of the campaign execution."

Artur Sannikov, Head of e-commerce Department @ RD Electronics

"Previously such Programmatic Advertising was unavailable for affordable price. Lack of audience selection made this inventory almost inaccessible for smaller buyers. We are now in charge of when and how much inventory we buy according to our e-shop needs. BalticAdx generates superior conversion rates and we have positive campaign ROIs."

Matiss Miezis, Head of Programmatic @ Carat Latvia

"BalticAdx inventory has successfully increased the reach of our campaigns and we are always aware of positions our ads will be displayed. Since openRTB clearly lacks local inventory, we add PMP deals with BalticAdx to almost every campaign. We are pleased with the BalticAdx audience selection which is a great fit for our auto and retail advertisers."

Meet the team

Besides crunching numbers, we enjoy talking about the future of online advertising.

Toms Panders
Povilas Goberis
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Ad operations manager
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Campaign manager